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Welcome from the Head

In her 1990 book Education for Life: The Modern Learning Community, Annemarie Roeper shared her understanding of the obligation we have to our children; she wrote, “Humanity has made two promises to its children.  The first is to prepare a world which accepts them and provides them with opportunities to grow and create in safety.  The other is to help them develop their whole being to the fullest in every respect.  Education is the vehicle through which we try to keep these promises.”     
We continue to aspire to Annemarie’s commitment to children, and at the same time embrace the most current challenges of our day.  We study, review, and commit to the research, medical knowledge, and best practices available to keep our community healthy and our children feeling supported.  We appreciate the complexity of our times. We believe that providing students with the opportunity to be on campus, to be with teachers and friends in-person, is critical to their social and emotional well-being. We also know that safety is our guidepost as we move forward. 
I am grateful every day to be with you and a part of this community as we wade through a global health crisis and, simultaneously, a fight against racism, both attempting to engender distance and separation.  The interdependent nature of the Roeper community means that we understand and embrace our responsibility to care for one another.  As we prepare for our next journey through the school calendar, we do so with the clarity that our community is strongest when we hold each other close and see the strength in being One Roeper.  

David H. Feldman
Head of School

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