The Roeper School was founded in 1941 by educational pioneers George and Annemarie Roeper.
After fleeing Germany to escape Nazi persecution, they established a school in Detroit with the goal of educating children to become thoughtful, humane adults. The school moved to Bloomfield Hills in 1946, and in 1956, Roeper focused its mission on educating gifted children, making it the oldest independent school for gifted children in the United States. Roeper added a second campus in Birmingham in 1981, creating learning communities for students from pre-school through Grade 12.

Roeper History Website

Roeper’s archives hold documents that uniquely share what gifted education looked like in the 1950s and 1960s when George and Annemarie were pioneering a nascent field.  
The launch of the The Roeper School History site brings together many of George's and Annemarie's writings and presentations in audio, video, and written form, with links to other relevant sites. It covers the school’s history and philosophy from its founding to the present. The site is a work in progress. More material will be added over the coming year.
Scholars in the field now have access to important historical primary sources for their research and understanding. The site also provides a rich source of information for students and faculty who want to further understand the important underpinnings of their school and the philosophy by which they continue to govern themselves. 

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An independent Preschool through Grade 12 school for gifted students.
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