Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

Equity and justice are the foundation of the Roeper Philosophy as described and defined by the school’s founders, George and Annemarie Roeper.
Diversity, inclusion, equity and justice are not standalone concepts that pay lip service to current trends in contemporary culture. Rather these values are integral to everything we do at and for the school.

Justice requires that we respect the dignity and worth of every individual by providing equality of opportunity for those to whom opportunities have been historically denied. At Roeper, we believe that our cooperative community respects and embraces diversity thereby emphasizing the relationship between the individual and the community. In discussing the dynamic relationship between the individual and the community at Roeper, the school’s philosophy states, “This interrelationship is founded upon respecting the inherent dignity of every human being; believing in human rights for all people…embracing the beauty of diversity; positively valuing differences;" and “recognizing the essential interdependence of all living things.”

We value the voices of all members of our community. We continue to work at creating an environment that is safe and welcoming to all- a place where everyone feels represented and heard.

The Roeper School admits students without regard to ethnicity, gender, cultural background, religion or sexual orientation, and entitles them to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.

Report a Bias Incident

While we work to implement an online reporting system, we know that people have experiences of bias now and we want to provide a means for reporting immediately while our online system gets developed. This interim process is intended to help connect people who’ve experienced bias with a dedicated person who can serve in a supportive capacity to help process the incident and determine what the next steps might be.

To report an incident, please complete the brief form posted on the DEIJ section on the Resource Board and submit it to one of the contacts listed on that page.

Anti-Racism Resolution

In 1941, after being forced to flee their home in Germany, George and Annemarie Roeper moved to Michigan and founded The Roeper School. At a time when the Nazis were shattering democratic systems across Europe, the Roepers understood they could not be silent. As religious refugees from totalitarianism, the Roepers experienced firsthand the consuming power of hate, bigotry, and prejudice that forced them into exile. They established The Roeper School as a place where students could develop their voices and stand against authoritarian injustice, a place where human rights would be held in esteem, and where a commitment to humanism would shape the community that needed to be built.

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In its simplest form, SEED is a diversity educational program. The National SEED Project (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Roeper faculty, staff and parents who have participated in this annual seminar testify that, as a result of their SEED affiliation, they listen to all voices, including their own, with widened attention. Participants handle with more confidence and competence the challenges and joys of many kinds of diversity found in their own lives, in the lives of others, and in the natural world.

There is an “inside-out” approach taken by individuals in the SEED program. It is reflective in nature, causing each of us to look at our own identities, often illuminating how our own lives have been shaped. Participants explore various facets of diversity such as race, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, exceptionalities, ethnicities, class, etc., through activities, film, conversation and other resources. Activities are structured to provide a framework within which complex issues can be discussed.

Annual Events

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  • Diversity Day

    Diversity Day is planned by the student diversity groups with faculty advisors and provides experiential programming to raise awareness of the many facets and benefits of diversity. Experts and leaders of Metro Detroit Diversity Initiatives and Organizations, along with faculty and students, provide workshops from which students choose to gain exposure to issues about Arab relations, the LGBQT community, racial bias in the courts and prison system, sensitivity to the challenges of physically disabled people, and many more.
  • Make a Splash

    Roeper understands that underserved African American and Hispanic/Latino children are two to three times more likely to drown than Caucasian children due to lack of exposure to water and swimming lessons. To help fill this dangerous gap, Roeper has partnered with the USA Swimming Foundation each summer since 2010 to offer the nationally recognized Make A Splash program to Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb county to children aged 3-14 years old. The one week program provides a daily one hour lessons at a nominal charge. In its first eight years of service, the program has provided swimming lessons to over 600 children.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Candlelight Walk

    This annual event, open to the public, is an evening devoted to celebrating the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. This event has taken place at the Bloomfield Hills Campus in the Martin Luther King, Jr., Domes for the last 30 years.
  • Black History Month

    Students from the diversity group, UMOJA, take the lead every February to highlight the accomplishments of different African Americans with the use of posters, videos and other media.
  • Diversity Film Series

    In March 2006, the Diversity Film Series began. Members of the school diversity committee saw a film festival as an ideal way to showcase a wide range of writers, directors, actors and stories that celebrate diversity as well as an outreach to communities beyond Roeper. Past films have included The Cleaning Lady, The Grace Lee Project, Detroit Unleaded and Shalom Y’all. Films are shown throughout the year in the Acheson Theater on the Birmingham campus.
  • SPLC – Mix it Up Day

    Mix It Up Day began as national campaign launched by Teaching Tolerance over a decade ago to encourage students to socialize and become more comfortable with kids they normally wouldn’t engage with. Since 2013, the Student Diversity Advisory Committee (SDAC), comprised of Middle and Upper School students, has taken on a leadership role in coordinating this event. The SDAC aims to create an environment aware and engaged in diversity at the school. Maintaining a tight-knit community is an essential component to going to school at Roeper and one that can thrive when all grades interact and know each other the best they can. Similar activities take place within the Lower School community.

    The Roeper School has been privileged to receive the Teaching Tolerance Model School Award for 2015 and 2016.

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