An independent Preschool through Grade 12 school for gifted students.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the guardian of the School’s mission and philosophy. It is organized on a non-stock, directorship basis under the Michigan Non-Profit Corporation Act.
Articles of Incorporation and corporate bylaws describe and guide board operations. The members of the Board of Trustees elect officers to govern the management of the board. Board responsibilities include hiring and evaluation of the Head of School, approving the annual budget, and strategic planning. The board oversees the governance of the school and is careful not to impinge upon the day to day operational roles of the school’s administrators. It acts as a support to, and resource, for the Head of School and administration.

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  • Officers

    Ashley Lowe, Chair 
    Chief Executive Officer, Lakeshore Legal Aid

    David Feldman, Ex-Officio
    Head of The Roeper School

    Shannon Martin, Secretary 
    Roeper Parent

    Anessa Kramer, Vice Chair, Administration
    Partner and Co-Managing Partner Oakland County
    Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn, LLP

    John Sznewajs, Treasurer
    Vice President - CFO & Treasurer, Masco Corporation

    Clay Thomas, Vice-Chair Finance
    Real Estate Attorney, JB Donaldson Co.

    Alana Glass '97, Member-at-Large
    Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, Career and Professional Development Coordinator, Adjunct Professor
  • Trustees

    Colleen Allen 
    President & CEO of Autism Alliance of Michigan

    Francis Allen ‘21Student Representative 
    Class of 2021, The Roeper School
    Linda Ban 
    Global C-Suite Study Director, IBM Institute for Business Value 
    Cheryl Blau ‘80, Alumni Representative
    Experiential Learning Community, Teacher and Founder
    Paul Borja 
    Executive VP, Senior Deputy General Counsel, Flagstar Bancorp, Inc 
    Molly Diemer  
    Parent Representative, Bloomfield Hills Campus 
    Alana Glass '97, Alumni Representative  
    The Roeper School 
    Dr. Steven Grekin 
    Dermatologist & Lecturer 
    Laura Karmanos 
    Parent, The Roeper School  
    Shawn Krause 
    Executive VP, Qucken Loans 
    Avery Long '20, Student Representative 
    Class of 2020, The Roeper School 
    Herman Marable, Jr. '80 
    68th District Judge 
    Jay Marks 
    Educational Consultant, School Quality Department, 
    Oakland Schools 
    Kenny Miller, Parent Representative 
    Director, Benefits and Rewards Operations at General Motors

    Susannah Nichols, Staff Representative 
    Middle/Upper School Faculty, The Roeper School 
    Eric Peterson '95 
    NYC Dept. of Parks & Recreation, Deputy Administrator,  
    Randall's Island 
    Donna Silk 
    Parent, The Roeper School 
    Scott Vartanian, Staff Representative 
    Lower School Faculty, The Roeper School 
    Doug Winkworth, Honorary Trustee 
    Owner, Festivities Studio 
Lower School and Administrative Offices
41190 Woodward Ave
Bloomfield Hills MI 48304

PHONE 248 203 7300
Middle School and Upper School
1051 Oakland Avenue
Birmingham MI 48009

PHONE 248 203 7300