An independent Preschool through Grade 12 school for gifted students.

Paige Evon Wilson

My Roeper Story is about enhancing knowledge of all things; not just subject material. It’s not just a normal high school.

It’s the reason I became a time-management pro, or the reason I use a planner daily, or am a stickler on double-checking my work. It made me unafraid to ask questions if I wasn’t completely confident in the material. It showed me that the teacher-student relationship truly reflects in your understanding of that subject. My entire high school was a positive, motivating force for me to be a good person, a good student, and now, a good employee. The different levels of independence at Roeper transformed me early on into a business-minded, success-driven individual.

On my first introduction, I was interviewed as a young adult; as an individual who was looking to build on their educational gift. I was seeking guidance on how to use the talents that were given to me. By graduation, I wanted to map out my steppingstones, leading to some contribution to society after I completed my education. My Roeper mentors took my intense focus on the future very seriously – from my first to the last. I could not thank them enough for pushing me and expressing confidence in my learning ability. To me, Roeper is much more than a normal high school; it’s a place where you can gain knowledge about different cultures, develop life skills, practice teamwork, and learn how to communicate effectively and articulate your own opinions. Roeper was my life coach.

Paige Evon Wilson, Class of 2008
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