Alison Albrecht '18 Success on "The Voice"

Carolyn Borman
Alison Albrecht '18 came to Roeper when she was in 7th grade and could often be seen with a guitar in hand. She was a quiet, sensitive, intelligent and thoughtful person who grappled with the insecurities inherent in Middle School girl life. At that time, she was already singing at local venues, fairs and private events. After Roeper, Alison went on to the University of Michigan where she continued to sing. After graduation, she made the decision to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. Alison has recently received national attention with her successful progress through the reality TV contest "The Voice" and being chosen by "Team Reba" after her blind audition. From there she went on in the contest and after working with Reba McEntire she was chosen by Reba to move to the next step toward the $100,000 cash prize and a record deal.

The Roeper community has been following Alison's progress with baited breath throughout the competition and was thrilled when she came to the Birmingham campus to speak to our students, staff and faculty. According to Middle and Upper Schools Director, Susannah Nichols, Alison "humbly reflected on times when she'd doubted herself or her talents, and she described her blind audition as the scariest thing she'd ever done". Susannah further reflected, "Alison’s story was a powerful reminder that having a certain talent doesn’t means that we’ll never struggle or falter in our pursuit of excellence in that area—but that with compassion for oneself and others and thoughtfulness of the bigger picture, we can discover how much we’re capable of becoming." 



Alison's Blind Audition on The Voice

Alison's Next Success on The Voice
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