M/US Student Club EXPO

Gloria Despard
Having the opportunity to explore one’s passions and interests outside of the classroom is an important component of school life.  Each fall, the Birmingham Campus sets aside a day for just that with their Student Club Expo, scheduled for Wednesday, October 11th. 

“This fabulous and inclusive tradition continues to thrive within our Roeper Community,” commented Carolyn Lett, originator of the Expo event.  “Students feel empowered, and invested, in their identities and interests.” 

Backed by a Faculty/Staff advisor(s), students are responsible for registering their club, finding a faculty advisor, and leading/organizing club activities.  Student Affinity Groups are also part of the EXPO experience allowing students to find and share commonalities. 

To be included in this year’s EXPO, student's interested in forming a club should fill out the form and return to Gloria no later than Friday, 9/22. 

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