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Coronavirus: Roeper Responds

Welcome to Roeper’s COVID-19 Response Information Center. 

Our goal is to help you stay on top of the school’s planning for the 2020-21 school year by placing news and updates in one easy-to-find location.  Here you’ll find copies of communications that have been shared with the community
 and FAQs, as well as some recommended resources.  During the next school year, this page will be your resource for changes and updates. 
We realize that this pandemic has created questions in every part of our lives, but we hope that this page will help you and your family prepare to return to school in the fall happily and successfully. 

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Planning the 2020-2021 School Year

Our COVID-19 Planning Task Forces are moving full speed ahead, digging into issues of facilities use and preparation, teaching and learning in a socially distanced environment, accommodating those who are uncomfortable returning to campus in September, supporting our faculty during this time of transition, and examining the emotional and financial health of both the school and our Roeper families.
As the committees gather information from the state and other government and health agencies, they incorporate that info into the possible scenarios for the fall:

  • A return to campus
  • A continuation of the Roeper Home Learning Program
  • A hybrid of in-person, on campus learning and remote learning 
Additionally, we are eager to read your feedback from the RHLP survey as we move forward with planning.
Although there are many unknowns at this time, developments occur by the hour and we are committed to promptly providing those updates as plans evolve.

Fall Planning Goals

  • Preserve the Mission, Philosophy, and Core Values of The Roeper School
  • Return to Campus as early as safe

    • “The truly gifted person is one who is capable of revising what is known, exploring the unknown and constructing new forms.”

      George Roeper

      “The truly gifted person is one who is capable of revising what is known, exploring the unknown and constructing new forms.”


RHLP Preparedness Check List

Class Communications: Roeper email,
Students, your teachers will provide details on how they plan to communicate with you. 

Submit Assignments:
Teachers will provide details on how to submit assignments.

School Communications: 

Email: Students, be sure to check your Roeper email account every day or have your Roeper email forwarded to your personal account. Either way, check your email, as this is a main channel for school communications. Email is our main channel of communicating with current Roeper community members.

Website: We are working on enhancements throughout to improve the user experience for all visitors. Our goal is to deliver communications efficiently and effectively. All COVID-19 and fall planning related info will be accessible on this web page.

Tech Considerations:

Internet stability is important for remote learning. If you experience network slowness, turning off internet-heavy devices or services on your network, like Netflix or video game consoles may alleivate the issue.

Check to make sure you meet the following baseline technical requirements for remote learning:
  1. Computer with reliable, high-speed Internet connection
  2. Up-to-date Internet browser
  3. Camera for still and video images (or smartphone)
  4. Webcam (external or built-in to your computer)
  5. Word Processing application to save and open Microsoft Office formats (.doc,.docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx). Roeper students have free access to Microsoft Office 365.
For technical support, contact the Roeper Help Desk.



List of 3 frequently asked questions.

Coronavirus Resources

The World Health Organization recommends the following measures to protect yourself against the coronavirus:
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Practice respiratory hygiene
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early
  • Stay informed and follow advice given by your healthcare provider


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