An independent Preschool through Grade 12 school for gifted students.


Where Gifted Students Love to Learn

Our founders, Annemarie and George Roeper, believed that a strong sense of emotional security is the foundation of all learning and students should be understood as individuals. Our diverse curriculum reflects their vision for learning and development, and offers a variety of opportunities for students to engage with one another and the world around them.

The structure of Roeper’s curriculum emphasizes individualized learning, and we offer students a wide variety of opportunities to explore, develop, and engage across numerous disciplines, as well as through the arts, athletics, service learning, and community service.

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  • LS Curriculum

    In the Lower School, homerooms serve as the centers for language arts activities, social studies and mathematics. Additional classes in science, music, World Languages, art, dance and movement, physical education, library and computer skills are part of the curriculum.

    Lower School Academics
  • MS Curriculum

    The cornerstone of our Middle School is the incorporation of the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of gifted students in a state of transition. Our program provides optimum indivualization of instruction for an age group characterized by wide variability among students. The Middle School curriculum includes English literature, composition, social studies, world languages, mathematics, computer study, science, fine arts, physical education and interscholastic sports. The school also provides opportunities for advanced work at the Upper School level.

    Middle School Academics
  • US Curriculum

    Curriculum in the Upper School includes core classes, comprising English, history, math, science and world languages, and a wide range of electives and Advanced Placement courses. Opportunities for independent study, self-directed study, internships and mentorships allow students to pursue their passions within as well as beyond the classroom The fine arts program provides opportunities for performances and/or participation at all levels. Physical education activities range from individual conditioning programs to interscholastic team sports.

    Upper School Academics
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Middle School and Upper School
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