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Welcome, Christopher Federico, New Head of School

Posted March 18, 2022.

On March 17, 2022, the Board announced the next Head of School:

Dear Roeper Community,
It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that we announce Christopher Federico as The Roeper School’s next Head of School, to begin July 1, 2022.
Experience in Education and Leadership
Christopher is an accomplished and innovative educational leader with a wide range of skills acquired through more than 25 years of experience as a teacher, curriculum leader, and administrator in both public and independent schools. To this, Christopher adds three decades of service in the Canadian Armed Forces primary reserve, a profession that has offered him numerous unique opportunities, including as a peacekeeper with the United Nations Mission in Sudan.
We were drawn to Christopher’s experience in education and leadership together with his thoughtfulness and commitment to students. Christopher’s references and writings tell us that Christopher is an inspirational leader who never shies away from a challenge. He writes that success relies on the building and maintaining of relationships and mutual trust between himself, his colleagues, and members of the community. Christopher’s leadership style prioritizes developing the leadership capacity of others and recognizes the opportunity for creative and collaborative problem-solving rather than only choosing among existing tried-and-true options. Christopher also works to ensure that every member of the school community is safe, heard, and valued. He writes that it is not enough to be accepting, we need to be actively anti-oppressive, centering and amplifying the voices of those who have been ignored or silenced. Those who met Christopher while he was on campus commented on his genuine connections with our students at both campuses.
Christopher is invested in leading and supporting innovation in teaching and learning and works with students and educators at all levels, from kindergarten to graduate studies, to explore “wicked problems” and develop skills in inquiry, problem-solving, and ethical, equitable, and inclusive decision-making.
Christopher’s connection to the Roeper philosophy and mission were noticed by many people who met him. Through his experience, his writings, and his interactions within our community, it is clear that Christopher has a deep and genuine respect for our community, our history, and our philosophy. It is also clear that Christopher is a dynamic and experienced educator who will lead us to a bright future by living and strengthening the core tenets of the Roeper philosophy.

Christopher comes to us from Ontario, Canada, where he has been an educator and educational leader, with a particular focus on teaching gifted students, for over 25 years.  He currently serves as the Assistant Head of School, Academics, and Assistant Head of School, Upper School, at Bayview Glen, a co-ed pre-K to 12 day school of approximately 1100 students in Toronto, Ontario.
In addition to qualifications in both K-12 and adult education, Christopher holds a bachelor’s degree from Trinity College, University of Toronto; a master’s degree from the Royal Military College of Canada; and a graduate certificate in Public Administration and Leadership from Ryerson University. Christopher has been a member of the Canadian Army Reserve since 1991. 
Thank You
Our search for our next Head of School has been a monthslong process that has helped us look at our community to reaffirm who we are, where we have been and where we are headed. Our collaborative process was in keeping with the Roeper philosophy and showed that a strong process is critical to a successful outcome.
We would like to thank the search committee for their tireless efforts during this process. Chair of the Committee, Alana Glass, '97, Trustee; Buck Baker, Former Board Chair, alumni parent; Micah Brown, Lower School Educational Counselor; Marie Halpin, Middle School/Upper School Coordinator of Learning Support Services; Cynthia Harris, Stage III faculty, current and alumni parent; Kenny Miller, Trustee, current and alumni parent; Susannah Nichols, Trustee, Upper School faculty, current parent; Steve Scott, '74, Roeper Alumni Leadership Council, The Bridge; Signe Smith, Trustee, Upper School student; Lori Zinser, Enrollment Management Director, alumni parent.
The search committee, along with all the community members who participated in this search process, have ensured great success in the search and beyond. The involvement of so many in our community throughout this process has been energizing and will help ensure continued success of The Roeper School.
New Beginnings
The Board of Trustees is excited to begin work with Christopher and enter this new chapter in the history of our School. Please join us in welcoming Christopher to the Roeper community. In the coming months and into the summer we will share opportunities to meet with him in person. We encourage you to get to know Christopher as we all do our part in ensuring a successful transition.
We also want to take this opportunity, on behalf of the Board of Trustees and the entire community, to extend our gratitude to David Feldman for his many years of service. David has given his time and efforts to our school, and it has indeed made a lasting impact. We wish David and Elane well and look forward to staying in touch as they move on to their next chapter.
As we transition from David’s tenure where much has been accomplished, the Board of Trustees looks forward to a bright future under Christopher’s leadership.
Alana Glass
Trustee, Chair of the Head of School Search Committee
Clay Thomas
Chair, Board of Trustees

    • Christopher Federico, New Head of School (effective July 1, 2022)

Search Committee


Alana Glass, '97, Trustee
Buck Baker, Former Board Chair, alumni parent 
Micah Brown, Lower School Educational Counselor 
Marie Halpin, Middle School/Upper School Coordinator of Learning Support Services
Cynthia Harris, Stage III faculty, current and alumni parent 
Kenny Miller, Trustee, current and alumni parent 
Susannah Nichols, Trustee, Upper School faculty, current parent 
Steve Scott, '74, Roeper Alumni Leadership Council, The Bridge 
Signe Smith, Trustee, Upper School student 
Lori Zinser, Enrollment Management Director, alumni parent 

Message from Christopher Federico

Dear members of the Roeper Community,
I am both honored and excited to be taking on the role of Roeper’s next Head of School, and incredibly grateful for the confidence that the Board of Trustees, the Search Committee, and, indeed, the whole Roeper community has placed in me to help guide and steward the school for the future.
As we continue to see power in action both at home and abroad, it is still too often used to divide and marginalize, rather than unite and build up, yet we can do great things when we come together with a positive, collective purpose:  the philosophy that animated the Roepers when they founded the school remains as relevant and as important today as it did 80-plus years ago.  
What has resonated with me throughout the search process—and particularly struck me during my visit to the campus—was everyone’s commitment to that philosophy, to the idea that every student should see themselves as having a stake, a voice, and a responsibility in striving individually to choose their own pathways and together to help shape our common future.  I am anxious to begin working and learning with talented and creative students and a dedicated and experienced faculty and staff to continue to pursue the realization of that vision within the school and beyond.
My family and I (along with my bagpipes and my little British sportscar) are eager for the chance to get settled in our new city and become acquainted with our new community and are looking forward to the opportunity to get to know everyone in slightly less formal circumstances (and slightly better weather!).

Christopher Federico

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