Head of School Search 2021

On September 15, Roeper's Head of School, David Feldman, and its Board of Trustees shared with the community that he will be ending his tenure at the end of June. Read the announcement here.
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Opportunity Statement

With the participation of hundreds of Roeper community members in the discovery process- and the most extensive community effort DRG has ever experienced, we present the Head of School Opportunity Statement.

This Opportunity Statement captures the essence of our community, outlining the challenges and opportunities for the next Head of School, as well as the desired competencies and qualifications for that individual.

The Search Committee

At an independent school such as Roeper, the Board of Trustees manages one employee: the Head of School. During a time of transition, the Board is tasked with its most critical role of hiring a new head of school.

The Board has kicked off an inclusive national search that will attract and evaluate strong candidates who are aligned with Roeper’s Mission:
Educating and inspiring gifted students to think as individuals and to engage as a community with compassion for each other and this world. 
As a first step in the search process, the Board created a Search Committee that is charged with facilitating the search on behalf of the school, enabling the entire community to provide input during the process, including feedback on candidates, and presenting candidates to the Board of Trustees who will then make a final determination.

The Board hired DRG Talent Advisory Group to conduct a comprehensive search led by search consultant Andrew Watson and assisted by Jennifer Fleischer and Sarah Raful Whinston.

DRG has launched the search through a discovery process, distributing a survey to the community, interviewing individuals and groups, and working with the search committee to discover the competencies most needed in our next leader. They will also bring reduced bias training to the committee to assist in creating an equitable and inclusive search process. In addition to the initial surveys and interviews, there will be opportunities for everyone to meet candidates and to provide feedback.
Anticipated Search Calendar
Application Deadline: 1/7/2022
Semifinalist Interviews: Week of 1/24/2022
Finalist Visits: Week of 2/7/2022
Start Date: July 1, 2022
Chair of the Committee 
Alana Glass, '97, Trustee
Members of the Committee 
Buck Baker, Former Board Chair, alumni parent 
Micah Brown, Lower School Educational Counselor 
Marie Halpin, Middle School/Upper School Coordinator of Learning Support Services
Cynthia Harris, Stage III faculty, current and alumni parent 
Kenny Miller, Trustee, current and alumni parent 
Susannah Nichols, Trustee, Upper School faculty, current parent 
Steve Scott, '74, Roeper Alumni Leadership Council, The Bridge 
Signe Smith, Trustee, Upper School student 
Lori Zinser, Enrollment Management Director, alumni parent 

Your Voice

The discovery process provides an opportunity for the Roeper community to share input on how future leadership should look at the School. This input is designed to: 

  • Introduce candidates to The Roeper School by describing our strengths, along with our challenges ahead. 
  • Generate a list of traits and competencies we seek in our next Head of School, including any valuable experiences we think the next Head of School should bring to Roeper. 
  • Solicit nominations for the position, as we know that the vast Roeper network might include those who know excellent candidates who align with our mission. 
  • Elicit thoughts about how we can/should support the new Head of School. 

Along with our search firm partners at DRG, we will utilize online surveys, focus groups, small-group meetings, and community discovery sessions to gather this critical information.
The goal is to conclude the search by early spring with the new Head of School taking office on July 1, 2022. 

Please check this webpage regularly to follow the progress of the search. 

Head of School Survey

We are seeking your input to help form Roeper’s direction and identify the qualities ideal candidates should possess. To attract the ideal candidates most effectively, we invite community members to share their thoughts about Roeper’s strengths, priorities that the next Head of School should set and achieve, and challenges the school faces both now and in the future. 
Your feedback and thoughtful answers to the survey questions will help us prepare an Opportunity Statement to share with potential candidates and guide our work in the months ahead as our search continues. To paraphrase a portion of our mission statement, we encourage you, as you take the survey, to “…think as individuals and to engage as a community with compassion for each other and this world.” 

To complete the survey, click Head of School Survey.  Survey is now closed.

Your replies to the survey will be anonymous, and all submissions entered by Friday, October 29 at 10:00 pm will be included in our research.

Outreach Initiatives

Virtual Community Discovery Sessions
Zoom links will be emailed on October 19. Save these dates:
Middle/Upper School Students: 
Tuesday, October 19, at 10:30 am

Parents & Guardians: 
Monday, October 25, at 6:30 pm (Lower School) 
Thursday, October 28, at 6:30 pm (Middle/Upper School) 

Monday, October 25, at 3:45 PM (Lower School)
Thursday, October 28, at 3:45 PM (Middle/Upper School) 
Tuesday, October 26, at 6:30 pm 

Online Community-wide Survey
Click here to complete the Head of School Survey. Survey is closed.

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