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  • Susan

    If a student needs help in math, teacher Susan Knight will fit them into one of her free periods during the day or she will make sure to stay after school to help. Susan teaches 6th-9th grade math here at The Roeper School. “I love helping kids find ways to make math easier to understand,” she says. Susan is also leads the Math Counts team. Susan has been teaching at Roeper for the past 24 years. She previously taught in Houston where she became incredibly frustrated with the public school system’s large class sizes. “Too many kids fell through the cracks,” says Susan. She says it was an easy choice to accept a teaching position at Roeper. “I liked the small class sizes and the advisory group – homeroom, and the incredible sense of community.” She’s a #RoeperTeacher.

  • Amber

    Meet Amber Webb, a Stage I Head Teacher. Amber teaches The Roeper School’s youngest students in the Domes where they explore concepts related to language, aesthetics, social behavior, and mathematics. Amber says it’s important to allow students to explore, tinker, and question the world around them in a creative atmosphere. When Amber isn’t at the Domes guiding students, you’ll find her relaxing with a good fiction novel, hiking, biking, or gardening. Amber says Roeper’s commitment to social justice and others is what first attracted her to the school over a decade ago. Amber is now in her 13th year of teaching with us. She’s a #RoeperTeacher.

  • Dan

    If you’ve ever daydreamed about a fantasy or sci-fi world, then teacher Dan Jacobs will help you pen it. At Roeper he’s had the artistic freedom to teach and design Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature courses where students invent futuristic worlds. This approach provides endless possibilities for problem solving and thinking outside of the box. Dan teaches a variety of other Literature courses, Forensics, works with the Debate Team and is establishing a student run podcast at Roeper. He is a University of Michigan alum who competed nationally in poetry slams, published a book and started his own speech consulting business. He’s a #RoeperTeacher.

  • Stacy

    Stacy Holloman, a Stage IV Humanities teacher, is prepping to teach social studies, reading, and writing. Stacy started working at The Roeper School 17 years ago, after her own children enrolled at Roeper. “I began to understand that their learning experience and environment were better than mine had been,” says Stacy. Stacy has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a JD. Prior to teaching she was an automotive engineer, attorney, and a stay at home mom. Stacy plays tennis and has been lucky enough to be part of a team that qualified for the United States Tennis Association - USTA (Official) Nationals. Stacy works hard to expose her students to different perspectives so that they understand that there can be many stories behind any given event or experience. She’s a #RoeperTeacher.
  • Towela

    The moment students enter Towela Okwudire's classroom, they leave English at the door. The French teacher joined the Roeper community in 2013 and her students have been fully immersed in French ever since. Towela says gifted learners want to think deeper so immersion challenges them more than a typical foreign language class. Towela can speak four other languages including the mother tongue of Zambia where she was born. She’s a #RoeperTeacher.

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