Roeper Alumni

Dear Alumni Students, Parents and Teachers,

Welcome to the Alumni Section of the Roeper Community Website.  Here you will find out about what’s going on currently at the school and in the community as well as getting information on our alums.  I prefer to use the term “alumni” broadly to include anybody who graduated from, went to school at, was the parent of, or worked for Roeper.

As the Alumni Director, my general goal is to bring the alumni back to and engaged with the present Roeper School and community.  This will lead to the resources, energy and passions of the alumni benefitting the education and welfare of the present students, parents and staff.  Current families will learn about what the alums are doing and what the Roeper Difference can enable students to be and do.  Alumni families may be a greater source of new students.  And most importantly, the alums could help serve as our institutional memory and bearers of the Roeper Philosophy.

To work towards the general goal of bringing the alumni “home” to Roeper, I have intermediate goals such as developing a better and more complete database of alumni students, parents and staff and better utilizing social networking sites such as FACEBOOK and the Roeper Website to keep in touch with the alums.  I hope to bring the alums back to interact with the present community in events such as Evening With The Alumni, concerts, Philumnia Day, athletic and arts events, and presentations by alums drawing on their special skills and interests.  My plan is to continue organizing and supporting alumni gatherings off-campus by both geographic and chronological groupings.  In terms of our current students, I would like to  foster in them a better sense of future responsibilities as alums and the possibilities and advantages of staying engaged with the school and community.   Lastly, I believe we should more effectively use the alums as volunteers in many capacities to help the school and community.

I welcome your comments and questions, and if you have yet been connected to Roeper I want you back.


Emery Pence
Alumni Director

Lower School [map] 41190 Woodward Avenue
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
Upper & Middle Schools [map]
1051 Oakland Avenue
Birmingham, MI 48009